Wetnose Animal Aid
We support Wetnose Animal Aid who raises funds for the smaller lesser well known Rescue Centres worldwide. Join in with their fund raising day every year in June and raise lots of money for sick animals in care. Their website is www.wetnoseanimalaid.com

Are you looking for a training course for your dog ???

We can teach any dog, any breed, no matter how difficult you think they are.
We can have fun. With WET NOSE enu CLUB, you can learn how to become a good
leader for your dog.

We train dogs to succeed so your dog can get lots of praise from you. Through this training,
your dog can get lots of love and have fun with you, so they can't wait to have training
with you !! We vist your house and counsel your dog first. We can give you completely
private training or a group class (click on "group class" for more information). You can book times convenient for you. Let's have fun and start a happy life
with your dog !!

Welcome to WET NOSE enu CLUB By the way enu " I N U " means DOG in Japanese.
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