Play/ Praise reward system without food treate

  • 1 Why don't you use food???

    If your dog isn't interested in food, your dog won't listen to you. If your dog has
    a huge food focus, he/she would follow/obey anyone. It's not because you are the leader. It's because you have food.

  • 2 How do you train dogs???

    We train dogs to succeed with lots of praise and cuddles instead of food. We teach dogs what "No" means and what "Good"means with Verbal commands and Hand signals. The dog's owners must handle the dog to improve their dog handling skills. Through this training, your dog will believe that you are the pack leader. Your dog can improve his/her behaviour with their pack leader.

  • 3 I want my dog to improve his/her behaviour quickly!!!

    You might get quick results or it might take longer than you expect. There is no magic for training dogs. We teach dogs the words, what you want or don't want your dog to do etc. If you take time and learn with your dog, you will get more reliable results.

  • 4 How can I start this training???

    Contact us by either e-mail or phone to book your counselling day. If there are 10 dogs, there will be 10 different personalities, which means there are 10 different ways to approach them. We counsel your dog first and we ask what your needs are. We'll give you an introduction and if you like it, you can sign up and start the training!!

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